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Green Packet Berhad is a company headquartered in Malaysia, which provides carrier grade Mobile data offloading solutions, and 4G devices that supports LTE, WiMAX and Wi-Fi technologies. Green Packet have regional offices in United States, Middle East, Oceania, China and Taiwan.

A former employee recommends that you avoid this place, "Bad case of micromanagement [at Green Packet], politics, does not live up to core values, hypocritical management, does not regard staff happiness as important even though they say they do, does not regard staff feedback as trustworthy. Fake faces from management, does not deliver on promises, no clear direction for staff, i.e. directives given today will be forgotten by next week by management, no job stability."


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KYC Refresh Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The position overall was demanding yet enjoyable. I loved meeting new people from different walks of life. I had several clients at one point. Received little help from management.Thank you for your feedback. We are surprised to hear you've enjoyed your experience at BlackRock yet have rated the company with a 1. We are always looking for ways to improve and encourage you to share additional context so we can take your feedback into consideration for the future."

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The biggest positive working at BlackRock is the free nespresso, free rice and soyamilk, standing tables, and sometimes flexible working hours in a few specific teams. The downside are many: weak and incompetent leadership, extremly political and often unprofessional leadership style, dinosaur systems, broken processes, weak tools, legacy softwares, legacy codesets, collegaues barely average or below average professionals (there are some nice and friendly staff but the best tends to leave quickly), bad projects, boring actual work, poor reward and recognition for delivering extras, completely missing performance and other incentives to motivate staff long term. Beyond the free soya milk, some basic hygine factors and the superficial and dishonest niceness this place is broken, showing no signs of nespresso, free soyamilkeverything else"

NYC Facilities Manager (Former Employee) says

"The facilities department was not organized and responsibilities were not clearly defined and always changing. Direct hires were replaced with a 3rd party management company."

Vice President (Former Employee) says

"Budapest is a TIER THREE operations and back office support center for BlackRock. First tiers are New York and London. Second tiers offices are in all other markets where BlackRock does have an active local market presence as an asset manager like Paris, Frankfurt, Singapore, San Francisco, etc Thirds tiers are Budapest, Guargon India, and similar shared offices, where BlackRock does not have ANY ACTIVE MARKET PRESENCE AS AN ASSET MANAGER. THIRD TIER centers like Budapest do not generate revenue as a pure asset manager because BlackRock has no active market presence in HUNGARY. The BUDAPEST office exists to support TIER 2 AND TIER 1 offices. They outsource and offshore work from all over the world (even from ASIA) to BLACKROCK BUDAPEST and bringing here manual, repetitive, checklist based, customer servicing or call center work. There are hundreds of administrative positions at this HUB which are often given a fancy, shiny name to make it look more attractive. Everything in here reflects third tier, the way you are treated and deprioritased by TIER 1 and TIER 2 global teams and TIER 1 and TIER 2 global co-workers. The tasks you are given are not meaningful or challenging and mostly do not require university degree education. The Budapest office is hosting lots of visitors from the USA. These visitors come to see what other manual, repetitive, low complexity and time consuming tasks they can offshore to BUDAPEST and to give us motivational and inspirational speeches and tell us their whole life stories. Their speaches are informative and inspiring and will lift your"

Vice President (Current Employee) says

"I have been working in Blackrock more than 8 years. Blackrock has excellent benefit and vacation days. However, the compensation is terrible, (no increase and cut bonus in the past two years). They become very demanding on performance review and objective setting. It could take you couple days to set up the yearly objectives plus we have to finish our daily jobs. If you are a manger ( the worse) you have to work on your management goals and taking many classes to achieve your objective for the year. No recognition on your hardworking. The performance review only record your negative feedback. You will feel that you have no value and no recognition in this job.good benefitbad compensation"

Payroll Associate February (Current Employee) says

"your average day is 12 hours plus. everyone there is doing like 3 peoples jobs. you work hard with no praise. everyone is resigning because they are burnt out.nonework life balance, no lunches"

VP, Global Strategic Sourcing (Current Employee) says

"People are typically very unhappy, burned out and leave pretty soon. The company is very tight with their budget and doesn't pay promised bonuses."

Presentation Manager (Current Employee) says

"It was a great and productive company when under the Barclays Global Investors umbrella. Once purchased by BlackRock the culture became competitive, the benefits were reduced, the great management team left or was forced out.Locationgreedy, mean poorly trained management"

Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Black Rock gives you best salary package but dirty Politics by senior Managers. talk about work life balance but 18 hours work. create issues for silly things. No Hr is involve in reviewingfree cablong hours working"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"No work life balance. Unhealthy high stress work environment. Not military friendly or flexible with spouses who are on deployments. Terrible managers!"

Client Reporting Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Depends on the management - there are excellent managers, however, the Director I had was verbally abusive and retaliatory. Human Resources will pay you to leave instead of helping to resolve issues.Great co-workersGuilt when not working ot (without pay)"

Vice President -Sourcing -Professional Services (Current Employee) says

"Leaders and managers too comfortable in jobs.. Not agile or happy with changes ..Racial discrimination a common thing at workplace .. Too much workload and not agreeable to current scheme of things"

Director (Current Employee) says

"Too much talk, not enough action. Very poor leadership, lack of experienced leaders. Top heavy, unbalanced. Unable to keep quality workforce.Free parking."

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Think of it as Goldman Sachs without the bonus. As an analyst you are expect to do all the work, make relatively little money comparing with banks and hedge funds, and the only training you are getting is BlackRock Aladdin, which is not of much use outside of the company.401K match, low fee options in the 401K planlow pay, lack of growth and lots of politics"

Vice President, Technology Support (Former Employee) says

"Management decisions are made on little information and based on the crisis dujour. The expectation is that work comes before all else and employees are interchangeable, easily replaceable pieces.Early in a career, there is a lot to learnNo respect for work life balance, complete disregard for career aims of employees, expectation of unreasonable work load, management was hostile to planning weekend/after hour work around personal obligations."

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Now called EFAO, the management treat the staff horribly and lie to them. By telling lies an example is being told certain things can't be completed from home only to try and realise that it can indeed be accommodated. This ties into the fact there no flexibility whatsoever even though blackrocks culture is all about flexibility and easy working. BlackRock culture is fantastic but this team does not follow it whatsoever. Worst still senior figureheads know about this problem and turn a blind eye to it. In my time there the whole team left in less than a year. There have been such severe cases of mistreated staff that some have suffered mental health issues. Also been told that it's unacceptable to have a couple days annual leave every month for 6 months even though the total number of days doesn't exceed 15. Nowhere in the contract does it say this is unacceptable and we'll within the allowance. If you do take holidays you will come into no less than 20 emails from management asking questions. Previous employees have also left bad feedback about the management. If you want to be belittled in front of not only the team but other peers and not have any flexibility then this is the job for you.PackageEverything elseWe appreciate you taking the time to provide this feedback. What you’ve described is not acceptable behavior for a manager towards his or her team and we are disappointed you experienced this, your comment regarding staff treatment is also concerning to us. We encourage you to contact HR to share your specific concerns so that we may look into this."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Diversity is lip service only - purely for PR purposes Advancement is mostly on a "who you know" basis Company places far too much importance on networking and self-promotion rather than quality of work. Salary is good Work/Life balance is non-existent"

Vice Presidente (Former Employee) says

"Direcao/gerencia despreparada. Excelente local de trabalho. Ambiente hostil de trabalho."

Fund Accounting Oversight Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Managers are allowed to bully the staff. Fund Accounting Oversight team in Edinburgh had only one member of staff last year, everyone else had left in 2018. 2 out of the newly recruited staff have already left in 2019.Pay, benefitsLong hours, bullying culture"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"The management and senior management only sees numbers and not the humans. Very toxic culture. I never enjoyed a single day of working at BlackRock. I can never recommend it to any one."

NickRugar1 says

"I have used their delivery service with a Vegan order. Yesterday I received a box labelled Lemongrass and Turmeric curry. Inside were large pieces of protein that looked like chicken. I decided not to eat it as I suspected that despite the label and list of ingredients not mentioning chicken, that The label and content did not match. I photographed the meal and sent it to their customers service. They confirmed that it was chicken and that an error had been made. Luckily I had not eaten any but being Jewish this was not acceptable to me. And Vegans should be warned not to trust this food delivery service. This is not the first time they have made an error as on a previous occasion I had specified no coriander but had still received items with coriander. This is serious...if I had a severe allergy to an ingredient I could have been hospitalised or worse."

Concepcian Parramon Costa says

"The Detox kitchen is a rip-off. I found the Detox kitchen quite pricey for the amount of food you get but I thought lets give it a chance as we are all a bit tired of Pret which we east for lunches pretty much every day. So I went to Detox quite a number of times to try out the different salad combinations and some other stuff they offer. A couple of them were ok but nothing over the top which would excite to pay the price they ask. Today I went there and asked for the usual '2 salad' box and once again I watched them grabbing the salad with the serving tongs trying to grab as much AIR as possible fluffing the salad so it looks bigger in the box. The second salad was LITERALLY a trim of carrot - so thin that I could see though it and 2 little pieces of Chinese cabbage of some sort and that's IT! I was a bit offended thinking that I am paying £6.30 for this joke salad box so I asked to add a bit more salad... The girl said that 'it is the portion' with the smile and won't add even a gram more. I am not a fussy person and do not usually ask for anything extra or any special treatment but this time I felt like I got ripped-off with the smile like never before. Will not be coming back there ever again!"

Ms thoroughly unimpressed says

"Food was not good. Not hard to make tasty fresh healthy food, especially for that price!! Many ingredients arrived off, bottom of transport boxes is weak and breaks when you try to move them. Company won’t refund you unused days when you want to stop on your first try; am assuming they have few repeat customers. Ended up getting salads from Harrods instead. Same calories, infinitely better ingredients and taste."

customer says

"Boring and bland food, overly expensive and too much plastic packaging."

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